(2-Pack) Copper Cattail Windchimes


16″ x 36″ each

Shipping cost per order, when you buy:
1: $13
2-5: $18
6-10: $25
11-15: $30
16-20: $35
Higher shipping rates apply for Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

Wholesale inquiries are welcome!

Product Description

Install Instructions (download here)

  1. Pound the 7″ spike into the ground using a hammer or mallet.
  2. Insert the 36″ rods into the spike (if greater height is desired, acquire a 3 ft. to 10 ft. by 1/4″ diameter copper pipe).
  3. Using the ring, adjust up for a closer tight look or down for more spread, depending on the look and sound quality you desire.
  4. The copper leaves can be manipulated and bent to your liking.
  5. To keep the copper chimes looking as is, spray a clear enamel finish (available at local hardware stores), or let them patina naturally outdoors.

Ways to display your one-of-a-kind handcrafted copper windchimes:

  • Install in flower pots, logs/driftwood, flower beds, desertscape, water elements, etc.
  • If yard space is limited, these would look beautiful on a balcony, deck or patio. Simply place them in planter boxes or next to your plants.

Unique and proudly made in the USA.